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Aeromodelling in Mumbai     Fokker E-III by Shashank H. Mardikar
*Airigami     Airliners
Airplane models     Boeing 737 and 747
Avro Arrow      
Bertram's Modellbauseiten German ZIP/TIF  
Cerveza Craft Japanese PDF Race planes
*Ralph Currell   ZIP/PDF Rockets and airships.
Dawn of Aces   PDF Scout and Swordfish
Firestar     Ultralight
Fly"n Things   PDF Models by the late Phil Koopman Sr. on the site of his son Phil Koopman Jr.
Força Aérea Brasilieira   PDF Brazilian Airforce models
Free Paper Planes     From Enchanted Forest
GP Airplanes modelshop Spanish ZIP/DXF Spad XIII
*HEMS-London   ZIP/PDF Helicopter
Lucas Hidding Dutch PDF Models from various other sites
Hideo Ohtuki (Playtown Toys) Japanese   helicopters
Hover the Helicopter Japanese LZH Helicopters
i8080a Japanese LZH  
*Information on winsite   ZIP Minimodel paper Zero by Phil Koopman Sr.
Institute of Flight Research   ZIP Go to Download for the ATTAS
Iwatsuki Paper Plane Club Japanese    
Jal Express Japanese PDF Boeing 737-400, Go to Jex-Fan and the link in the middle
JTA Japanese PDF Boeing 737 and Dash 8
Mike Langford   ZIP Airplanes and a cruise missile
Little Factory Japanese   Cessna 172
Matt77   ZIP Curtiss SB2C
*Meillerwagen Newsletter     To display the Ralph Currell's V2 and a free launchpad for it. Also a shroudcalculator for Excel.
Mike's Animation     Go to Other Stuff for a Sopwith Camel
Militaire Luchtvaart Museum Dutch   Go to Jeugd, go to Bouwplaat.
Miss Veedol Japanese SWF Click on the airplane
New Mexico Wing   DOC Airplanes and rockets
Novoletni nakit Slovenian ZIP/PDF Cessna 172 Skyhawk
Paper Plane Japanese   F86, CL-215, Spitfire
Pima Air & Space Museum   PDF From Tucson, Arizona
Playtown Part Japanese   Click on links in topframe for F16 and F18
Rich's home     aerobatical plane
Sequioa Aircraft Company   PDF Falco
David Sigenza's scale models     Pictures and models
*Hans Snoek Drachenhomepage German   Otto Lilienthal Glider
SOFIA paper model     Go to Education, Fun Stuff for an airplane and a mobile.
Supermarine Spitfire PRXIX   PDF Spitfire
*Tomtom's aviation and scale model resources     Not only about paper models. Look for the model of an aircraft hanger and pictures of the X-31
*Trotsky Studio Japanese PDF Many Japanese planes.
USCG Eight District   PDF Helicopter and racecar
Virpus papercraft Japanese   Cessna 172
WISE craft     experimental aircraft
Aerei di Carta      
Aircraft carrier Pipo Japanese LZH  
Alex's Free Paper Airplanes
Also here
    Good diagrams
Alka Seltzer Rockets      
AS paper aircraft lab      
Avios de Papel Portuguese   Many planes
Best paper airplane in the world      
BKB Paper Glider      
Box Dog Puppy Japanese PDF Gliders and a dog
Ken Blackburn's Home Page      
Building the Egret     From "Best ever paper airplanes" by Norman Schmidt
Cyber Sun     Flying wings
DPF Fold and fly     Fun planes and kopters
Exotic paper aircraft     Folding instructions
Flights of Fancy     Building instructions for the Destroyer
Flying paper creations/Aricraft   ZIP/PDF Two books with lot of airplanes
A Flying paper waterbomb     Instructions to make a origami waterflyer
Folding Paper Airplane     Instructions to make a paper jet
Funorama   PDF Sky Bird
Geobat     Flying saucer
Greatest paper airplanes     Review of a computerprogram to design your own flying airplanes
The Hokuetsu Leasing Co Ltd Japanese PDF Go to Ar_Ent.pdf
Hoopster     Building instructions
How to make a paper airplane     Folding instructions
Incredable Adventures   PDF By Akihiko Suzuki
Jan Wilbert's vouwpage Dutch   Helicopter, planes and an airplanefactory
Mr. Kei's homepage     and toothpick carvings too!
Kobe Wings Japanese PDF  
*Kool paper airplanes     Good folding instructions
Llorenz Homepage   ZIP/PDF Saab Viggen
Martijn's homepage Dutch   Instructions for Marlin Dart
McShane's planes     Instructions to build and fly paper airplanes
Mk's homepage Japanese PDF F14, F15, YF 23 and XB 70     Print and fold
Narts     Rocket
Joseph Palmer's Paper airplane     Extensive building instructions
Paper Airforce     Folding instructions
Paper airplanes web resources for students      Many links
Paper Airplanes      
Paper Airplanes from Toy shop      
Paper Craft     You need disposable paper chopsticks for this
Papierflieger German   Instructions and links
Papierflieger Mach 2 German   Folding instructions
Papierflugzeuge     Folding instructions
Pilkey's website o' fun     Go to Fold 'n' Fly
Rotor Motor   PDF  
Science Explorer     Rotocopter
SERF's     Go to MM Flying Saucer
SHaring Aeronautics Programs Electronically     BG12 Glider
Tehniska Zalozba     Go to Izdelava for a rocket
U-Control 2000     Nobler and Speed King
*Vionapel Spanish   Beautiful flying airplanes
Doug Wong Origami   ZIP/WMF  
Yak38   ZIP Click the paper model