Modelbouw Visser Bouwplaten
Internet adres Taal File Opmerking
.\\ic's papermodels online German ZIP cars
2 CV 4 Dutch   Citroen 2CV
Achtung Panzer Russian ZIP tanks
AE 86 Japanese   Simple cars
Aichi Machine Industry Co. Japanese   Go to club, go to p-craft
Aichi police Japanese PDF police car
Alfa 156 Japanese    
Arno Maquettes French ZIP Cars, trucks, buses
Badura's VW Karmann Ghia site     Go to models
Bastelbogen Enten     2 CV's by Ch. Schelbert. Go to 2CV Basteln
Teun Berserik Dutch   Go to Portfolio, go to Spelletjes for a small car
KerstJan Blaauw Dutch   Pictures od Sno-cats. Downloads are here
BMW Isetta by Bob Nelson      
BMW4life Dutch   Go to Downloads
Brinquedos de papel Portuguese   various vehicles
BX papercraft Japanese   Citroen BX
Chadori21 Korean ZIP paper cars
Chaz Japanese   Daihatsu
Craton Paper Model Portuguese PDF 4x4
Crazy Spanner Japanese   Go to paper.html for Volvo cars
Crazy Taxi Japanese EXE/SIT Go to Wallpaper
Create Japanese   Simple car and busses
Crimeca Japanese   Simple motorcycle
CV Paper      
Daihatsu Japanese PDF Click on the lower left button in the topframe
Daytona Web Magazine Japanese PDF Wagon
Defender 110 owner's club Japanese GIF/EXE/DOC Defender 110, 90 and Discovery. Go to Download.html
Delorean Paper Craft Japanese   Delorean
Dewey's Paper Craft Japanese PDF Rover
Dingo Japanese PDF Mitsubishi in 11 colors
Doug & Doug's   PDF Quad
Driven Japanese PDF Go to Cart
Dutch Rallycross homepage     Rally cars by David Moynihan
E30 German   Racecar
Easy to Japan Japanese   Train and buses
Eendeei Dutch   2 CV Van
Fiat Panda Japanese    
Fiat Panda Japanese   Click on paper model picture, there is a link at the bottom of the page. 
Fiat Panda      
Formel 1 Polish   Racing cars
Forza Fiat 500   ZIP/PDF Go to showroom and cut-out!/bouwplaat
Gansya Go! Go! papercraft Japanese   The models are at DETA.HTML
Ford Heritage   PDF Go to Assembly Plant
Fred Gassit's Bikerama     Look for the Ducati 851 paper model
Giulia GT Japanese PDF Alfa Romeo
Goodsnow Japanese   Mazda Carol
H0 Modellauto archiv German   Go to paper/karton modellbau
Hama3 also some here Japanese   Honda Monkey
The Heavy Duty Net   PDF  
Herbie the Lovebug      
Hir Craft Japanese PDF Racecars
Hisa Japanese PDF Citroens
Honda Boo Boo Land Japanese   Simple cars
Honda Clio Japanese PDF  
Honda Mobilio Spike Japanese PDF In many colors
Honda Odyssey Japanese    
Honda paper craft Japanese   Honda NSX
Honda Philanthropy Japanese    
Honda S2000 Japanese   In many colors
Honda S2000 hardtop Japanese PDF/GIF Same car, different colors. Download All_color.pdf to get them all at once
Hong Kong Paper Model Japanese   Cars, trains and buses
Hoops Japanese   Cart
HR-V Japanese   Go to Download.htm for this car
ICM Paper Modelling Japanese PDF Tanks
Isuzu Das original Japanese   Cars
Jag Lovers     Jaguar XJ6
Jeep page Japanese PDF Jeeps
JF10ZL     Tanks in black and white, 2 small airplanes
Jouhokan Japanese PDF Go to Present
Kanamaru Construction Co Japanese   Go to sub5.html for construction equipment
Kanto Autoworks Japanese PDF cars
Kartonmodellbau-Nord German PDF Modellbaustammtisch Bremen-Vegesack
Gilbert Kesselring German ZIP Go to Mazda MX5/Downloads
Kitami Mitsubishi Japanese   Go to Sub4 and Sub10
Kobo craft Japanese   Simple cars
Kurumax Japanese PDF Go to Paper Craft
Kusatsu Japanese PDF Simple cars
LADA Niva Catalog Japanese PDF Lada and Humvee
Leeza Japanese PDF Go to Model
Magnus paper models page   PDF Tractors and cars
Mats Gallery Japanese   Cars
Met's homepage Japanese   Cars
MetMania Japanese   Race helmets
Micromodels by Peter Poole     Not the real one!
Mike's House of Saturn     cars
Mini Online     Mini's
Mini Room Japanese   Paper mini's
Mini Web Japanese   Go to Index5
Mitsubishi Motors Japanese PDF Colt in 12 colors
Mitsubishi Paper Models     Collection of Mitsubishi's from various other sites
Miyagi Police Japanese PDF Police car
Motor City     2CV
Motorcity Pit Japanese PDF Simple car (Lanza)
Movado Japanese PDF cars
Denis Moynihan and here     All the cars he ever owned
Muji Car Japanese PDF  
Nagitsuji Transportation Bureau Japanese   Go to Daigo
Nanchatte 3D   PDF Alfa 145Q, Van and Pickup
Nao_u VW Beetle Japanese   Go to Papercraft
Naohisa Japanese   RVR
Neo Speed Japanese   Delorean and Hummer
Nerobergbahn German   Cable car
Nissan Fan Japanese    
Nissan Micra   ZIP  
Nissan papercraft 1 Japanese   Le Mans 1997 journal, Nissan R390GT1
Nissan papercraft 2 Japanese PDF cars
Nissan papercraft 3 Japanese   cars
Nissan U-port magazine Japanese   Issue 1996-10-14-2, some cars
Nook HP   ZIP/SIT 2CV. Go to Gift
Nuiguruma Japanese   Simple car
Nuriworld Japanese   Crane
Ohara Corporation Japanese PDF Go to pc.html for a snow mover
Old Cars Japanese PDF/JPG  
Oracle Japanese   car
Osaka Police Japanese   Policecar
Out-flat paper craft Japanese PDF/JPG 2 cars
Pablo juniors French   Bike
Panda Cup Car Design Room Japanese PDF Fiat Pandas and Citroen Van.
Pandaful Japanese   Go to Present!
Papelmania also here Spanish PDF  
Paper Car Mechanic     The Home Forum dec 9 1997. Porsche   Flash Cars
Paper Craft Fan Site Japanese PDO Race Cars
Paper Craft FTO Japanese LZH  
Paper Craft FTO 2 Japanese PDF  
Paper Garden Japanese PDF Cars and pop-up cards
Paper MG     MGB Roadster
Papirove Modely also here Czech EXE Race cars and a train
Le petit papier monté en maquette French ZIP/PDF Rally cars
Pikapika's Japanese   Peugeot 306
Playtown Bingo     RC Mini
PMW Automagazine Japanese   Go to paper.html
Pokara workshop Japanese PDF/LZH Some simple cars
Pre 67 VW   PDF Go to downloads for a beetle German PDF F1 and other race cars. Model list here
RAVU Dutch PDF Go to Kids/Ziekenauto for an ambulance
Rega Japanese PDF Shovel
Reliant Scale Models Group     Subscribe to 3-wheelers group for a free model
Renault Express   HTML  
Renault Kangoo German   click Dieses Formular to get it by mail (Maybe if you live in Germany)
Rintendo Japanese   Go to Papercraft.htm for a Kickboard
Roly Poly Paper Tank   ZIP/PDF Super Deformed Tanks
Royal Insight     The Gold State Coach
Ricky Rudd Foldable Nascar      
Ryuvine's Garage Japanese   Go to Garage.htm
Go to Playland
Sakai Heavy Industries Japanese PDF More models than on the English language site
Subaru Tecnica International Japanese PDF  
Satoshi Design Japanese   Golden Eagle solar vehicle
Sattos Japanese   Go to Sattos Com Racing/Riding, go to Postcard, go to Shop, Choose L/Rear, go to GoList to get some printable samples.
Sega Japanese   German tank
Shift-Down Cafe Japanese PDF Super 7
ShinShin Japanese   Nascar
Shizuoka Prefectural Museum   PDF Rodin bus
Shop of the Afternoon (Gogonomise) Japanese PDF Cars
SJ 10 Maniacs Japanese PDF Go to download for Suzuki SJ 10
Sky Zero Japanese PDF Cars
Smart Japan Japanese PDF Smart
Snorty & Co.     Go to Fun German PDF Cars and trucks
Tabbert Comtesse   PDF Caravan
Takaragaike Driving School Japanese PDF Car
*The paper models of Yasu.Tanaka   PDF F1 race cars
Tanks2scale     Tanks
Team Artonomy   PDF Go to downloads for a jeep
Terry's Model Cars     Fiat
Tobidase paper models Japanese   Many cars and playstation
Toddes Papermodels Heaven    
many H0 scale vehicles and some buildings
Toko Japanese ZIP/PDF Go to Present, go to Paper for cars and trains
Tokyo Jimnie Club Japanese    
Tony's Paper world Cars     Super Deformed Cars
Toyota Corolla Aichi Company Japanese PDF Car
Toyota Pavilion Japanese PDF Go to Custom, go to Paper
Toyota RAV4 Club German   Go to RAV4 Toys
Toyota RAV4 foldup      
Twins Japanese PDF/LZH Toyota Cresta, Ipsum and Aristo
Uchideno-Koduchi Partly Japanese PDF Cars and a plane by Hirohito Sato
Uchiko Japanese   Cars
Urapage Japanese PDF Train and bus
USCG Eight District   PDF Race car and helicopter
Vancouver mini club     paper Mini's
Velomobiel   PDF Go to Mango
Vince's favorite cars     BMW Isetta
Volvo France
Volvo Germany
Volva Japan
Volvo The Netherlands
Volvo UK
Volvo Sweden


PDF/JPG Choose Entertainment, then Children's Corner
Same models on different sites

Go to Volvo Cars for more sites/languages. Not all of them have the paper models.

Volvo page by Zoffbred     Another place to get the Volvo's
Wendiyama World German   Trabant 601
Y's Paper Workshop Japanese   Tanks. Upgrades are at Panzervor
YMjr Design Czech PDF Go to download
Yoshiki Japanese ZIP Go to Paper.html
Yume Craft Japanese   Funny cars
Yunk Japanese   Follow the links around CAR